General Terms and Conditions (close when done)

As any other commercial organisation Angel Travel of Oundle Ltd and Angel Cars of Oundle has a set of terms and conditions which govern the way we do business. These are set out below and we must ask you to note that these, and only these, terms and conditions will apply. It is a part of your contract with us that you agree to them.

The following conditions apply whether or not a contract of carriage has been entered into as a quotation being offered and accepted or whether a contract has been made verbally or in writing.

Angel Travel of Oundle Ltd and Angel Cars of Oundle is hereafter referred to as The Company

  1. Vehicles are hired subject to availability at time of receipt of order.
  2. In the event of national emergency or Force Majeure or any unforeseen circumstances or unavoidable shortage of drivers or coaches, the company reserves the right to cancel any booking without liability to the Hirer.
  3. The right is reserved to sub-contract a vehicle from another coach operator without notice to the Hirer.
  4. Vehicles must not be sub-let, lent or licensed by a Hirer to another coach operator.
  5. Seating capacity and type of coach are not necessarily indicative of the size or facilities of the vehicle supplied. Every effort will be made to supply vehicles with facilities or seating as shown or advised, but they cannot be guaranteed to be available on the day of the journey. Where the Company supplies a vehicle of greater capacity than that contracted, the Company reserves the right to levy an additional charge if the extra seating capacity is utilised by the hirer.
  6. Refreshments may be consumed on the coach at the sole discretion of the Driver.  Hot food must never be consumed or carried on the vehicle. Where permission is granted it will be on the condition that no damage is caused and adequate provision is made to remove any ensuing rubbish. Alcohol is not permitted by law to be carried or drunk when travelling to or from specified sporting events. Glass utensils must not be used whilst the vehicle is in motion. The company reserves the right to charge between £10.00 and £45.00 per liquid spillage.  The higher charge will be applicable for alcoholic spillages.
  7. Personal effects and luggage are carried at owners risk. The gangway and emergency exits must remain unobstructed at all times. The person appointed by the Hirer to be in charge of the party shall ensure the correct number of cases are taken onto the coach and are taken off at the destination. Every effort will be made to accommodate additional items where possible. Any bulky items must be advised to us at least 48 hours before departure. Please refer to our coach hire department for guidelines. The Company will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to property whilst on the coach. Child seats / booster seats can be used where supplied by the Hirer.  It is the Hirers sole responsibility to ensure such items are fitted to the seats correctly and must be removed from the seat by the Hirer at the destination.  The Company may (when agreed beforehand) agree to store such items on condition that the Company takes no responsibility for loss or damage whilst in storage. The Hirer is strongly recommended to supply a dust and damp proof cover for the items to protect them against environmental contamination whilst in storage.
  8. The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle. Any passenger whose conduct is in breach of statutory regulations may be removed on the driver’s authority. The Hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by the passengers during the hiring. The Company reserves the right to withdraw all services in the event of unruly conduct by the passengers or damage caused to company vehicles.
  9. The direct route will normally be taken between any two points, unless mentioned to the contrary in writing beforehand.
  10. Unless otherwise stated admission, parking charges and tolls are not included in quotations and will be charged extra. The Hirer is also responsible for the payment of porterage charges, unless arrangements have been made beforehand.
  11. The hours agreed with the Company for the operation of any hires must be observed (other than in the case of a serious emergency or diversion) so that current regulations covering drivers hours and rest periods may be complied with. The Company reserves the right to curtail or otherwise amend any hire which does not comply with the relevant regulations. Any deviations to the route must be agreed with our Coach Hire department before the journey commences. Any additional time or mileage will be charged extra.
  12. In case a vehicle is required during the time a coach is at a destination the right is reserved to withdraw the vehicle to undertake another journey. The vehicle may also be withdrawn if the group are more than ten minutes late for the requested return time. In this event no liability can be accepted for the cost of alternative transport.
  13. In the event of cancellation by the Hirer, the Company reserves the right to retain any deposit. The Hirer must also take full responsibility for any other costs incurred by the Company as a result of curtailment.
  14. Only the number of passengers indicated may be carried on each vehicle. In the interests of safety children must not be seated by the doors and at least one adult should occupy a seat at the rear. Seat belts are provided for your safety. It is a legal requirement that seat selts must be worn at all times.
  15. Animals cannot be carried on the Company's vehicles without the express permission of the Operations Director. The Company does however make an exception in the case of guide dogs.
  16. The Company will not be liable for loss, injury, damage, delays or inconvenience however caused or where inclusive arrangements have been made incorporating other companies' services. In any event the Company will not be liable for any claims beyond the value of the coach hire.
  17. Any customers with approved credit facilities must pay by the 28th day of the month following the date of the journey. The Company reserves the right to charge interest at commercial rates on any overdue accounts. Customers without approved credit facilities must pay the full journey cost 14 days prior to commencement of the journey or as agreed with the company which will always be before commencement of the journey.
  18. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to provide the driver with suitable accomodation and meals when a coach is away overnight, unless otherwise agreed beforehand.
  19. The Company is not responsible for delays, loss, damage, injuries or any inconvenience beyond the control of the management.
  20. Any complaint in respect of the Company's services should be made in writing to the Company's registered office within 21 days of the journey date.
  21. Orders are only accepted in that the Law of England shall apply to the contract arising from such an order and to the determination of the rights and liabilities of the proceedings shall be brought by either party to such contract except in a court of competent jurisdiction in England.
  22. Either party may terminate an on-going coach hire contract giving the other party one months notice. However in the event of a Hirer not complying with the agreed terms of payment or conditions, a coach hire contract may be terminated forthwith. The Hirer will under all circumstances be responsible for any outstanding payments or liabilities contained within our conditions.
  23. In the interest of safety and to comply with legal requirements smoking is not permitted on the Company's vehicles
  24. Drivers have sole discretion as to the suitability of roads or locations that a vehicle can enter or travel through. No liability can be accepted if a vehicle is unable to complete a journey due to the unsuitability of a road or location.